Phoenix Energy Supply

Phoenix Energy Supply has been specializing in geothermal heat pump technology for 25 years. Our relationships with manufacturers are cultivated to provide quality and value in all components of geothermal installations. We sell and service everything geothermal from flow centers to socket fusion and geothermal heat pumps. Check out our store for competitive pricing and ask about discounted pricing for preferred geothermal customers.


WaterFurnace has a long history of bringing innovative products, accessories, and components like communicating controls to the market. We're constantly striving to engineer ways to make our systems more efficient and cost-effective so that more and more consumers can enjoy them.

WaterFurnace geothermal heating and cooling systems come in three basic configurations plus a fourth combo type, designed to meet the needs of your home and provide the highest efficiency and the greatest energy savings. And nearly all of our products meet or exceed the ENERGY STAR® requirements.