A.C.E.S-Energy strives to focus on the engineering, installation and service of renewable energy products. This allows us to focus on cutting edge technology, delivering results that reduce or eliminate our customer’s dependency on fossil fuels. As a company, we focus on consistently delivering high quality results at a competitive cost advantage. While a majority of our business is geothermal heating and cooling solutions, we also offer solar technology as a compliment product, allowing our customers to be come net energy neutral. We have a staffed showroom open during normal business hours that allows both past and future customer come in and see our products in action and in a natural environment.

Buffalo Geothermal

Buffalo Geothermal is your key to total satisfaction. We pride ourselves on being specialists in the design, installation and promotion of geothermal heating & cooling systems. We offer engineered systems for your home or commercial building and are familiar with this region's climate conditions and local energy costs. The Buffalo Geothermal Heating staff includes IGSHPA certified installers and Certified Geoexchange Designers (CGD) certified by the American Association of Energy Engineers; and is proud to be an authorized dealer for the top premium heat pump manufacturer

Dailey Electric

Dailey Electric, Inc. was founded in 2006 by B. Ryan Dailey after taking over Dailey Plumbing and Heating from his father, Bert. Ryan has over 20 years’ experience in the electric, HVAC and plumbing fields and strives to provide our customers in the Finger Lakes area of New York with the best quality products. Our employees are the heart of the company and we strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible.

Dailey Electric, Inc. offers the residential and light commercial installation of electric, electric services, geothermal, solar, HVAC and plumbing. Over the past decade, our focus has become renewable energy. We encourage the heating and cooling of homes with geothermal heat pumps. We have over 200 systems installed in the Finger Lakes region.

Geotherm NY

Geotherm Inc. specializes in renewable energy technologies with expertise in geothermal heating/cooling and solar electric systems. We are committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective energy reduction solutions for all of our customers. As the premiere resource for “green” energy alternatives, we help home owners, builders, municipalities, business owners and communities significantly reduce their utility costs with environmentally responsible products.

Geotherm systems are skillfully installed by certified technicians who use only the best components to ensure worry-free operation for years to come. We never compromise on our materials or installation. This means your system will be more durable, more efficient, and easier to maintain. Custom design solutions are crafted to meet your exact needs with maximum return on investment.

Van Hee Mechanical 

Van Hee Mechanical knows successful application of geothermal as a technology involves not just proper system design and equipment in the home; a high-quality connection to the earth is essential. The merging of our experience with the geothermal industry in this part of our state is not only unique but a game-changer.

There exists in our area geological conditions that could adversely affect the performance of a geothermal system. We understand this fact and have helped our geothermal clients avoid such issues. Just as in our water well drilling business our name is on everything we do and that means our reputation for performance is on the line every time on every job.